Virus Removal

I can clean most viruses that infect and slow down your computer. I can also advise on how to avoid catching them.


Has your computer stopped working? Does it keep crashing? I can fix your computer and get it running properly again. I carry a stock of the most common parts that fail


Is your PC / Laptop running slowly. It may be that a simple upgrade like increasing the RAM or replacing the graphics card could make a big difference and is cheaper than replacing the computer.

Broadband and Networking

Do you need help setting up broadband? Is your wireless coverage adequate? Do you have a second PC in an awkward place but want access to the internet without running cables? Do you want to have multiple PCs share data and printers?  I can help with solutions to all these and more.

Gadget Integration

Do you have gadgets that need to integrate with your computer or internet such as Internet TV, gaming console, tablet, phone, hi-fi music system? I can help get all these working.

Custom Built PCs

Want to replace your current computer but not sure what you need? Let me build a PC to suit your needs and budget. Worried about transferring all your old stuff to a new PC? Again, I can help with this.

Software Installation and Problems

Do you have software that will not load ? Has your software stopped working? Or does it just not do what it is supposed to? Call me and I can help.


Computers, like cars, can often benefit from a quick service.

This can include freeing up disk space by removing temporary files, defragmenting the hard drive, even vacuuming the dust from inside the computer to prevent overheating.

Safe Computer Disposal

Your computer contains sensitive information which should be properly erased before disposal.